Foto: R. Amesz

maandag 7 februari 2011

Winners of Icelandic Literary Prize announced

Dear Hans Van De Waarsenburg,

I know that Gerdur Kristný participated in the poetry festival in Maastricht last October and therefore I wanted to share with you the wonderful news that Gerdur Kristný’s book of poetry Bloodhoof has been awarded the Icelandic literature award in the category of fiction/poetry.
You will find more information on Gerdur and the book here:

Bloofhoofattracted instant attention upon its release, and was well-received by critics and readers alike. The work is based on Lay of Skírnir, an narrative poem from the Poetic Edda. The original lay relates how the fertility god Freyr becomes infatuated with a giantess named Gerður Gymisdóttir, and sends his lackey Skírnir to abduct her. Gerður Kristný retells the story from the viewpoint of her abducted namesake, and extends the narrative beyond the end of the original. Bloodhoof is Gerður Kristný's fourth book of poetry.

Best wishes,

Úa Matthíasdóttir
Rights director